• Propeller Nozzles
  • Speed nozzles
  • Rudders nozzles
  • Rudders
  • Enviromentally friendly
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Improves running economics
  • Quick payback time


Company profile

Tne company was founded in 1907 by Otto Larsen as a smithy. In 1983 the Company was sold to Claus Larsen, who had a wide experience with the maritime area.

ln 1988 the Company receives its first order for a propeller nozzle. In 1990 the company moves to new facilities and here the nozzle production increases rapidly.

The nozzles are supplied as fixed nozzles, rudder nozzles or speed nozzles. Now the product range also includes rudders in size from 100 kg to 32.000 kg.

Nozzle history

The nozzles was invented by the German Ludwig Kort.

After test in the Nederlands the profile NACA 250 is designed, which proves to be ideal in terms of efficiency. In order to produce the profile, a profile called 19A is manufactured.

The introduction of MAG welding has made it possible to avoid slot Welding. Grinding of weldings on the nozz|e’s inner side is the standard today.